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Citipak Delivery Systems - Services

Citipak Delivery Systems, Inc. has over thirty years of experience in the courier and transportation industry and offers a variety of delivery solutions to fit all of your companies' logistical needs as well as tailoring delivery plans, routes, and schedules to minimize cost and maximize efficiency and productivity. We offer a one stop, total solution for all your courier and facilities needs.

On-Demand Same Day Delivery

  • Same Day Delivery in the five boroughs and surrounding tri-state area
  • Standard Delivery completion within 120-150 minutes
  • Rush Delivery completion within 60-90 minutes
  • Delivery options include uniformed bonded and insured Walkers and Bikers

Motor Service

  • Same Day Delivery Radius of 300 miles from Manhattan
  • Standard Delivery completion within 3-3½ hours
  • Rush Delivery completion within 120-150 minutes

Scheduled & Routed Deliveries

Citipak can customize and tailor delivery solutions for your company's reoccurring logistical needs; as a result pick ups and deliveries are done in a time efficient manner that gives your company a competitive edge and peace of mind. Often these solutions can be priced at a flat rate, are cost effective and ultimately save you money. These include:
  • High volume deliveries
  • Mail pickup
  • Payroll distribution
  • Bank deposits
  • Reoccurring delivery routes

Messenger Center & Facilities Management

Citipak specializes in Messenger Center & Facilities Management. The benefit of outsourcing your Facilities Management is that Citipak will handle the staffing, training, and payroll so you can focus your time and energy on your business. Citipak experts will work closely with your Facilities staff to put together a total solution that will maximize efficiency, streamline your internal logistics and most importantly be cost-effective. We offer solutions for your:
  • Messenger Centers
  • Mailrooms
  • Copy Center

Temporary Staffing Service

Citipak also offers Temporary Staffing Service. By taking advantage of this service your company can utilize a highly trained staff member for a number of various functions. This allows your company to staff a person in a temporary or part time position as quickly as we deliver your packages and not have to go through the cost or inconvenience of contacting a third party temp service. Duties performed include but are not limited to:
  • Maintenance
  • Moving
  • Assembly
  • Various miscellaneous duties and functions.

*All delivery times are estimated from moment of order placement depending on location.
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