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About Citipak Delivery Systems

Citipak Delivery Systems, Inc. is the leading point to point messenger service and logistical provider in the Tri-State area. For over thirty years Citipak Delivery Systems, Inc. has provided award winning same day delivery to many of NYC’s most prominent companies. Our competitive rates, rapid delivery times, and unbeatable customer service is the reason Citipak is the preeminent same day logistical provider to many Fortune 500 companies throughout the Tri-State area. The companies whose logistical interests we represent read as a venerable who’s who of NYC business and industry. It’s no wonder why they rely on Citipak to make sure their time sensitive packages arrive safely and most importantly, on schedule!

At Citipak, we do more than just deliver your packages. We serve as a business and logistical partner that will help your company thrive and give you a competitive edge in today’s fast paced economic landscape. Logistics is an integral role of any successful business. That is why it is vital to have a reliable delivery service partner you can count on to get your packages to your customers and clients with the care and speed Citipak is renowned for.

The CITIPAK Advantage

What separates Citipak Delivery Systems, Inc from every other messenger service in the tri-state area is the personal attention we provide to our clients while still utilizing the same technological features and benefits of other “larger” courier companies. Many of our competitors claim to be a family owned and operated business; however they are ultimately responsible to partners and shareholders. At Citipak we are responsible only to our clients. Many of our clients are shocked, amazed, and ultimately pleased that they can pick up the phone and get the owner of the company on the line whenever they need to. Since it is truly a family owned and operated business, we treat our clients as if they are part of the family as well. We take the time and effort to really get to know our clients, not only their delivery needs but as individuals as well. At Citipak our clients are more than just an account number to us and they all enjoy the personalized service and individual attention they receive.

Where the real advantage lies is that even though you will love the personal attention a small firm can provide you, your company will also be able to take advantage of the technological features and benefits a large corporation offers. At Citipak we truly offer the best of both worlds.

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